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We Are All Immigrants

We Are All Immigrants


AFTER THE BALL: how america will get over its fear and hatrid of gays in the 90s- EXPOSING THE GAY AGENDA


CLICK THAT LINK!!! Read it or download it yourself.The wikipedia of the authors? Removed. the book in printed form? set at over 170 dollars.

Amazon? calling the book “fiction” now.

Yet it was written by 2 men leading in Psychology, and strong in studying crowd psychology. Meaning, they were well trained in how to change a massive thinking.

This book includes how Blacks were to be used in the media campaigns so as to Jam whites from opposing a gay person trying to do something unwanted in society in fear of being called a racist.

It talked about how to portray gays so as to gain sympathy, to get people on their side, or get people to say “whatever, who cares?”. Any outcome would be seen as good.. Indifference plays into their hand according to the book.

It even had pictures of what Billboards, and commercials should look, and WHEN to release them in the campaign, and more importantly..What NOT to say so as to offend people. The removal of the Man Boy Love association members from Gay pride efforts was also part of it, because they felt no one would accept their messages and that would slow the rights that LGBT wanted…such as gay marriage.

ALL OF IT CAME TRUE…IN ORDER. If you can get this book that they are trying to bury in time? get it. Even if you want to invest in it. it increases in value, and is a good investmet. Because ANYONE WITH A REAL COPY will be sought after so people can destroy them all. Make no mistake.